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Hope for Wholeness

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  • I had lost all hope in God and in ever getting better. Your book changed my life and my perspective.

    By Renetta Bond on 2011 09 10

  • I can already tell that it’s gonna be super helfpul.

    By Matty on 2011 08 18

  • thank you for sharing your life with me. I have depression+bulmia, chronic pain, 3 kids. thankful God lead
    me to you.

    By Shelly on 2010 10 20

  • thank u for this book. i am the author of stumbling toward faith & have since had ECT.

    By renee altson on 2010 06 01

  • I smiled, I cried, I prayed and I really thought a lot about life as I was reading this book.

    By Kelly Constantine on 2009 04 26

  • One of the best on spirituality and mental illness.

    By Chris Summerville on 2009 02 02

  • Those who read this book will find much information to help themselves or someone they love!

    By Suzanne Le Page on 2009 01 26

  • Thank you for shedding light on the roots of spiritual, emotional and biological depression.

    By Kim K on 2009 01 14

  • Sharon’s book offers hope for those coping with depression or struggling with everyday issues.

    By Nathaniel Steeves on 2009 01 08

  • This book has deeply blessed two of my clients and helped us as we move through therapy together.

    By James E. Robinson, counselor on 2008 12 12 | Return to Books