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God, in his wonderful redeeming way, will often use the very issues or struggles that the enemy has tried to trap us with, to reveal his power and grace, and use that experience to free many others. Sharon Fawcett’s life is an example of this work in progress.  Sharon has a phenomenal story to share and is a powerful communicator. She is personable, sensitive, and loves Jesus.

It’s wonderful to see someone healed, delivered of depression, and walking in the victory that Jesus gives. Sharon is a great testimony to the power of Christ!

Willard Thiessen

Host, It’s a New Day
Co-founder, New Day Ministries

Sharon Fawcett’s presentation to our church kept everyone spellbound. She spoke with balanced insight based upon her understanding and experience. Afterwards, many shared how they were greatly helped with their own depression. Others expressed that they felt better equipped to help loved ones suffering from depression.

Dr. L.D. Buckingham

Lead Pastor, Moncton Wesleyan Church

Sharon is a very articulate speaker with a powerful message. She is well-prepared, not only in the accuracy and effectiveness of her material, but also in its presentation. Hers is the passion that comes from first-hand knowledge of her subject, yet she is able to achieve that rare balance of personal transparency and professionalism.

Through personal experience, much study and prayer, Sharon has learned first-hand about hanging on to hope, the extravagance of God’s love, the importance of spiritual nourishment, giving God control of our lives, and many other lessons… I have had the pleasure of hearing Sharon Fawcett speak publicly several times, and I highly commend her to you as a speaker.

Beverley Robart

Past Director of Administration,
Touchstone Counselling Group

Sharon Fawcett’s personal story is amazing and she shares it with transparency, offering valuable insights into how people might overcome depression by examining its spiritual roots. I found her exceptionally well-prepared for our interview and as someone who speaks with many authors, this was very refreshing and much appreciated. Sharon gave a great interview!

Debbie Chavez

Talk show host, The Debbie Chavez Show

Thank you for expressing yourself with such enthusiasm and joy. God gave me hope again through your story.


I wanted to cry and rejoice simultaneously! Thank you for the privilege of sharing in what He has brought you through and is now doing in your life.


For years Sharon’s soul was drenched in the rains of despair and she nearly drowned in the treacherous mire of depression. Yet, today she stands fully restored under the blue skies of freedom in Christ and her life has been thoroughly rinsed in spiritual truth. When you hear her speak, or meet her in person, you will have the pleasure of taking in the bright morning of her renewed walk in the Lord. Sharon’s story will open the door to let in the refreshing breeze, for those who have had similar struggles, that victory can be achieved — and richly so.

Glenn P. MacDonald

Retired RCMP Sergeant

Sharon Fawcett brings the light of experience, scriptural truth and spiritual insight and shines it into the darkness that many know as depression.  With a unique mixture of tender compassion and godly conviction, Sharon invites us to explore her nine years of bondage to depression and the victory that the Holy Spirit granted her.

As her pastor, I have seen God heal and call Sharon to proclaim His power, salvation and blessings. You can trust her testimony as true and her answers as proven. You will be blessed through Sharon’s ministry. 

Rev. Gordon D. Cook

Petitcodiac Baptist Church


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