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I'm a graduate of CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers Services), have been interviewed on national radio and television, and speak regularly in various other venues. Whether you require a speaker for an outreach event, seminar, or retreat, I have messages that will inspire and bring hope!

Presentation Topics

Weak, Weird, and Hopeless?

Addressing 8 myths about those affected by depression
Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, yet many affected by it receive no treatment. Stigma, feeling misunderstood, and fear of discrimination are some of the factors preventing people with depression from reaching out for help. Misinformation and misconceptions often prevent others from treating those who have depression with compassion and respect. Using factual information and illustrations from my personal experience with depression, I help de-mystify depression and challenge the myths associated with it.

The Balancing Act
Making room for your soul to breathe in a culture of clutter and chaos
If God made us to be functioning, flourishing members of His creation, why do we often feel weak and withered? Are you so determined to achieve the most with what God has given you, so dedicated to serving Him, or so devoted to caring for others that you neglect yourself? This presentation highlights the hazards of disregarding our innermost needs and emphasizes the importance of balance in life, teaching audiences how to create breathing space for their souls.

Hope for Wholeness
It may be the lady who sits behind you in church. Perhaps it's your daughter's English teacher or the man who repaired your leaky faucet last week. It could be your son, or your spouse, or your pastor. Maybe it's you. Everyone knows someone who suffers from depression. You might not realise they are struggling and if you do, you still may not know what to say or how to help.

In this powerful testimony, I openly share my experience as a Christ follower who experienced what was diagnosed as major clinical depression, in a battle that stole nearly a decade of my life. I also reveal the spiritual discoveries I made that led to my healing when it seemed that the medical community had run out of treatment options.

Using factual information and sound biblical teaching, I help de-mystify depression and challenge the fallacy that godly people should not and do not experience it. This presentation offers hope for those who are depressed and help for those who know and love them. It is a testimony to the awesome power of God and a beautiful illustration of the truth that no one is beyond His reach!

Embracing Adversity

Adversity is something we try to avoid, but it's inescapable and it's all around us. When we are in the midst of adversity, it is difficult to see anything beyond the trial we're facing, and even more difficult to imagine it could be used for good. Using illustrations from my own experience with adversity—in the form of depression and anorexia nervosa—as well as examples from others' lives, I share four gifts adversity offers all who are willing to embrace it.


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